Amazon Pueblo (La Libertad by Leticia, Colombia)

The Amazon Pueblo project is located in the village of La Libertad, Colombia.  The village is on the banks of the Amazon River, located about 4 hours by slow boat Northwest of Leticia, Colombia.  The map below is of the city of Leticia.

Most people fly to Bogota, Colombia and then take a regional, one and a half hour flight, to Leticia.  Leticia is a city of about 33,000 people.  It is located on the border of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.

Leticia had been described to me as the kind of port town you would see in an Indiana Jones movie, to which I would agree.  But here you can not only see and hear the adventure, but also touch, taste, and smell it!

Amazon Pueblo (La Libertad by Leticia, Colombia), Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia
Leticia Amazonas Colombia
Map and Directions

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