Why is sustainability important?

The goal of sustainability is to have the people of the Pueblo live forever with what they have.  The goal is not to have the villagers constantly need hand-outs of money and supplies from the government, diesel fuel for power needs, pills bought to purify water, fertilizers dumped on food crops, etc...


Resist destruction of the Amazon rain forest

With sustainability comes the ability of the village to resist the temptation to profit from unsustainable practices.  When an offer of money comes for using forest resources destructively, like clear-cutting trees, if the people are living a sustainable lifestyle, that can more easily turn down this offer to make quick money at a high environmental price and the limiting of biodiversity.


Stop pollution of the Amazon River (and their drinking water)

 By living a highly sustainable lifestyle less pollution enters the drinking water and the Amazon River.  Poor agricultural practices (clear-cutting, rows of only one type of plant, little or no ground cover between plants, soil disruption, excessive fertilizer runoff) contribute to erosion and poor water quality.  Additionally, unprocessed human waste may also contaminate the water.  But by composting waste lost nutrients may be returned to the soil around the food plants.



Help reduce global warming

When the people of the village cut trees for money, clear land for temporary crops that fail after five years of use, and burn the waste products of the cutting, greenhouse gases (which contribute to global warming) are released into the environment.  This compounds the problems of global warming, as the very act of cutting the trees means that these trees can no longer be used to capture carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, within their tissues.



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