The mission of the project is to create a sustainable system that will improve the lives of the people of La Libertad.  All investments of time and resources will be lost if what we create is not sustainable.

What is a sustainable system?

"A system or process is considered sustainable if it can be continued indefinitely, without depleting any of the material or energy resources required to keep it running." (Wright, 2008)

By being aware of the need to plan for the sustainability in all aspects of the village, many of the problems the villagers face now, and in the future, can be avoided.  This will not come at the expense of good business practices, but, just the opposite, to encourage healthy and profitable business development. 

 Sustainability in the village makes good business sense.

"93 percent of Global Compact CEOs see sustainability as important to their future success."

    "CEOs believe that we are moving toward an era in which businesses will no longer focus purely on profit and loss as the primary means of valuation, but rather take into account also the positive and negative impacts on society and the environment."
"sustainability is a mega trend, like globalization, that has multiple components—environmental, social and profitability."



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