Visiting the Pueblo

Visit La Libertad!

Would you like to see the pueblo first hand?  Fish for piranha.  Eat the best fruit you have had in you life.  Relax on a leisurely canoe ride.  Stroll through a jungle forest that has NEVER been cut.  Help install a septic system!  You can do this and more.  A trip is surprisingly affordable.

Please see the more complete guide on how to make travel arrangements to Leticia, where to stay in Leticia, how to take a boat to La Libertad, dangers and things to be careful of, where to buy food and supplies, etc.,in the VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK.

See and touch animals!








Sloth and Baby Jaguar video

This baby jaguar was found, in Peru, after poachers illegally killed its mother.  The villagers say that when it is older it will leave by itself to live in the jungle.  Tree sloths tend to live around the villages.  They are fed and treated as pets.












Explore the Jungle






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